We are sport community. Our unique and exclusive membership is a collaboration between Xpro Life after Sport CIC not for profit and the Community trade union.

All the benefits, rewards and support that a trade union can offer as well as rapid access to free medical treatment through our medical healthcare partner BMI Healthcare.* 

So whether your professional, semi-professional, retired, an amateur or play sport for leisure. Sport Community is for you... 

Our partners include BMI Healthcare and the League Managers Association. Together, we are collectively evolving to support all sports participants. 

Sport Community is not your typical membership. Our unique and exclusive package of benefits and services is designed to support you in or out of sport, and your life after sport is covered too. 

People within the world of sport know what it feels like to be part of a team. It’s the same with Sport Community — people look out for one another. 

Along with our partners, we’ve got a strong track record of helping and representing people in sport. Now we’ve extended our benefits package and we’re reaching out more widely so we can help with the issues you face in life… 

At work, at home, on the golf course, track or pitch, we’re here to help.

What does it cost?

Membership costs per month: £12.64 (Those earning £16,000 + per year)  £5.94 (under £16,000)  £5.04 (retired)