Sport Community Launch night gets the ball rolling

2 July

Sport Community, a collaboration between the Xpro Community not for profit and the Community trade union recently held it’s official launch night alongside it’s partners and various sports stars.

The event, held in London, saw attendance from sports heroes such as legendary Aston Villa physio Jim Walker and former England footballer Tony Daley.

A panel consisting of Roy Rickhuss CBE (Community), Clive Emery (Xpro Life After Sport) David Anderson (BMI Healthcare) and Colin Gordon (Kidderminster Harriers FC) broke down the Vision of Sport Community, and how it aims to help people in the world of sport.

The BMI team pictured with Jim Walker (right) at the launch event

“This was simply taking a great idea and using it to help as many people as possible.” Said Roy, opening the panel.

“We can apply our experience of helping people across the country in different sectors, industries and walks of life to sport – so regardless of the sport you play, you aren’t left behind at the end of your career.”

Clive Emery added “We’re looking forward to telling the world of sport about how we can help and support professionals, ex-professionals and anyone in and around sport in the UK. A life in sport, however long it may last, is different to many other careers. Some issues affect sports people more than others.”

David Anderson of BMI followed up “For us, this partnership is about helping everyone at all staged of their sporting careers; whether they are currently competing or playing or whether they retired some years ago. We just want them to get back to living their lives.”

Colin Gordon shared his experience of Sport Community so far by adding ‘Bringing all of these different organisations together means that teams like mine will be offered support for every issue.

“Be it physical health, mental health, networking events with other sports people or support when moving into another career, Sport Community has it all.”